Hackagong is an all-inclusive, open event, free of harassment. We've adopted the "Hack Code of Conduct" found here.

Hackagong Specific Rules:

  • No team size limit, though we recommend no more than 5 participants to a team.
  • All development and project work must be done on the weekend. Some research and idea formulation can be done before the weekend. You're welcome to think of a name for the product/service and buy the domain name, do some basic market research to see if people want what you're selling, and look into what APIs, code libraries and code samples you could use.
  • We don't check code, but judges will be able to tell if you've been working on the product for longer than a weekend.
  • We do not allow anything illegal, sexual or offensive to be built at Hackagong. Please don't build anything illegal or involving porn, nudity, drugs or is offensive to any particular group of people.
  • We're strictly a non-alcohol event.
  • We will have photographers and media roaming around the entire weekend, if you do not wish to have your photo used, please ask one of the organisers at the event.