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Uploading your video

You'll need to record and upload your video to ChallengePost before 3:00PM. We are after a no-frills, 3 minute video with no sound and no editing to demonstrate your product. Judges will be walking around from 12:00PM to see your products in the development stage and in-action.

Your 3 minute video will be used during the judging process and it will be displayed while you are making your pitch should you reach the Top 10 teams.

Once you have made your 3 minute video (with no sound and no editing, no-frills!), please upload the video to either YouTube or Vimeo. You can then add the video to your ChallengePost submission.

Some screen recording software examples:

IF YOU NEED HELP: Please ask an organiser! We are walking around with black shirts and are happy to help.


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