Mecha Chapter

Wargame with robot miniatures

WINNER: Most Creative 3D Print

Mecha Chapter is a wargame entirely developed using 3d printers from models created by a 3d artist team.

The game will provide players different types of mecha and vehicles to chose from, to create a full customizable army thanks to modular components.

Models of miniature will be available online to be printed on demand, by third party service in order to have them shipped everywhere in the World.

The inspiration from this miniature game comes primary Japanese manga and animation as well as video games and other miniature games; therefore the target user is passionate about giant robots and/or wargames.

We are happy about the result we have achieved in just few hours using a technology totally new for us. The prototype gives the idea of the economic potential of the game due to the continued evolution that the game will have over the years, representing the actual evolution in the game timeline. During the next months and years, different components and units will be created in order to emulate the technology advancement happening in the game.

Another feature that is difference between this game and others, is the customization of the unit HUD, a modular tracker that reflect the units stats and can be personalized according to the user's strategy. It keeps track about general unit stats, damage taken, weapon carried and ammo left. Basically whatever you will expect to have in a video game but just available on a tabletop game.

We'll continue to develop the project after the competition creating a complete business plan for that.

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